Sunday, April 18, 2010

To Love or to Loathe

Ahh...sock yarn - to love you or to loathe you! I think you are gorgeous and lovely and yummy and and and! But you are also taking over my life because I just want MORE! I am lacking in self control! Must gain it back! Although I am not sure how much self control anyone can have around Merino & Cashmere at discounted prices! Or new colors of Jitterbug!

My LYS, Ravelry Destash & Three Irish Girls sock club have been my HUGE downfall (or my YUMMY pleasure) this week! I LOVE it all but feel so naughty! At least I can say I have been knitting away as well! And I do have such plans for it all!

I am currently working on my 2 projects from my last post & added another Ana Bandanna to the mix! I am thinking that I will always have a Ana & a Clapotis on the needles for my mindless go with me anywhere projects! They are awesome & so wearable! :)

I am going out of town for a few days but when I get back I should have all my new beautiful yarn to take pics to post for you to see! And I should have a LOT of knitting done to talk about!

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