Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ever Chase the Mailman Down?

So I bought some yarn from someone on Ravelry. Some really nice yummy pretty yarn. 4 skeins of it and I when I went out of town I figured I would have it to stare at when I got home, but nope - it wasn't here and I was worried about it because it was sent within the same state. So I found out that there was a mail room mix-up & it was on its way. So it would be here by Saturday. Well this being Saturday I was very anxious for the mail! I went to our mailbox (which is across the street & is for everyone on the block.) Yay the key for the package box was in there, so I open it up & ...what a package for my neighbor - seriously? I went down to the house to ask if he could check his box to see if the keys were switched and of course he wasn't home! So I started back towards the house when I saw the mail truck. And then I grabbed my keys put my kiddo in his car seat and chased down the mailman! I found him and asked him to come back and check if he had switched the keys. Well he had and now I have my beautiful yarn!!! :D


  1. LMAO oh the things we do for yummy yarn I would have paid good money to see you chase down the Mailman though hehe

  2. Jojo is my only witness! But he laughed at me too!