Saturday, September 25, 2010

5 months - really?

I am not sure how 5 months have gone by without me posting! Well I am going to have to try and pick up the pace! My goal is going to be to post once a week! I have recorded 3 episodes of my podcast so I am getting close to releasing them to the public! :) So that should help to keep me on track!

I took up spinning at the beginning of June & now have a fiber obsession that is getting better! I haven't been knitting as much but am working on a pair of socks & just finished a shawl!

We also just moved (only 5 miles away) but a big move! Things are finally settling down and I am finding some time for me! Which means time for the things I love to do!

It is so hot here today that when I wet blocked said shawl it dried within a few hours!