Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Wheel!

Hello to anyone who is reading - sorry it has been so long! Here is my news for this week!

So my Awesome mama took me shopping at Village Spinning & Weaving for my birthday & I got a brand new Schact Ladybug & I love her! She is so cute!

I already spun & plied a skein of Silky CashMerino that is called Ghoulies!

I am going to make a hat out of it! Just trying to decide between a few patterns while the yarn dries! I found a really cute hat pattern (The Shackelton Hat) HERE or a headband/cowl (The Honey Cowl) HERE
So if you have a vote on between the 2 let me know!

I am so ready to get my podcast released but I am having a tough time finding a good time to record, there is always someone around so I am determined to make it happen this week! Then I will release all 4 this weekend!

I did spin up some Halloween Yarn for socks & have finished 1 of them and am chugging along on the 2nd!

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